Dear Friends,

Szymanowski Quartet it is our great pleasure to welcome you to this Chamber Music Festival in Lviv, entitled Szymanowski Quartet and Friends.
The idea to hold this festival in this city with which we are so closely connected has been hatching for several years. Having chosen Lemberg as the home for this project, the Quartet thus focuses attention on a city which is located at the border between the Ukraine and Poland and which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We have sought to bring brilliant musicians of world renown here in order to make music together and thus to bring both the music and the musicians closer to our dear audience. We wish to introduce Lvivīs listeners to our world of chamber music, but also to introduce world-famous musicians to the city of Lviv, so that they can promote its beauty to audiences at other festivals.
Music - especially chamber music - provides a unique field for meetings, discussions and exchanges between different nations by virtue of being a universal language. We hope that the musicians, who have come to Lviv to perform chamber music masterpieces from different periods, will bestow you with unforgettable experiences.
Volodia Mykytka and Grzegorz Kotów
Gidon I do sincerely congratulate the great city of Lviv, with a new festival. Created by wonderful musicians - the members of the Szymanowski Quartet - it for sure will attract many musicians from all around the world. Such gatherings serve not only the audience,but should be regarded as a real chance for cultural exchange between countries and people. Music is the best language to understand each other through our hearts. My dear colleagues from the Szymanowski Quartet know it and many times demonstrated it by sharing their art with others - at many festivals, including my own in Lockenhaus, Austria.
I wish the festival to be successful and to lead to a new tradition in a city, which always belonged to my favorite ones. I do hope someday to be among the participants of your new creation.
Yours sincerely,
Gidon Kremer
Szymanowski Quartet